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    The joint-stock company "The Pskov Hosiery Factory" is one of the oldest enterprises of the branch. It occupies the area of 7970 m2 and situated near a going round road in the central part of Pskov. "The Pskov Hosiery Factory" was founded in 1945 as a co-operative association "Trikotazhnik", which produced knitted wear. There worked one workshop of 200 people, in two changes. They produced sweaters, headscarfs, jackets on hand-machines. In 1958 they began building the factory and our oldest workers took part in it. Now the factory workers, who have worked here more than 10 years make over 60 per cent of the personnel. They are highly qualified professionals.

    In 1961 when the building was over, the enterprise got the name " The Pskov Knitted-goods Factory" and in 1963 - "The Pskov Hosiery Factory". In 1972 due to developing of the production of goods for medicine the enterprise was given a new name "The Pskov Hosiery and Medicine Goods Factory". It is the period of the highest flourishing of the factory. There were founded branch offices in the towns Idritsa, Palkino, Slavkovichi. There work 650 people producing 9 millions articles a year. In 1991 the factory became one of the few enterprises in the USSR, which got new Italian equipment of a well-known company "Savio". Every year there is developed production of few new goods, which are highly appreciated by buyers and at exibitions.

    During the so-called "perestroika" the factory sustained heavy losses having lost its branches and brought down the volume of production to 30 per sent, but it managed to preserve the main thing - highly qualified personnel and technological equipment in good repair.

    In 1996 by the decision of the shareholders meeting the factory got the previous name " The Pskov Hosiery Factory".

    In 1997 and the first half of the 1998 the volume of production continued to do down and the financial state - to get worse. For 19 months the factory work incurred losses but in June 1998 the situation changed a great deal. The shareholders managed to settle the differences having formed a shareholding of the concern "Kvarton". There was chosen a new director. In August the factory had no losses and since September 1998 its work has been profitable. It is not in arrears neither for the region nor the local budget and settles accounts with the current creditors in time.

    The main products of the factory:

  • socks for men, women and children
  • tights for women and children
  • stockings and knee-length socks
    The quota of the products for children makes more than 29 per cent. The quantity of the personnel of the factory is 136 people. The chiefs have high qualification and has wide experience of work in an industry.

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